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Concept & Interior Design

Gehri created the entire interior design for the customer area and the non-public areas of the bank headquarters in Möhlin hand in hand with the customers and the architectural practice Steck + Partner Architekten AG Rheinfelden.

Möhlin has been a salt-mining region for a long time.
The column sculpture is an abstract representation of the salt mining procedure. From deep down below, the brine is pumped up through shafts. The sculpture stage-manages this in that LED light is sent up from below. The fanned out design results in a dynamic view of the movement of passing customers and passers-by.

The design of the rear waiting area features macro photographs of salt crystals grown by Gehri especially for this purpose. These have been used as a design element in the consulting rooms in the form of abstract versions of these as vector graphics.

For the first time, liviano ellips was used in the client consultation area. It is suitable in particular for small rooms, and it makes them appear larger. The technical equipment integrated in the pivoting console, the disconnected cables and the flexible and ergonomic use pleases clients and consultants alike.
Raiffeisenbank Möhlin Headquarter
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